GG1 Automatic Buckle with Coffee Brown Leather Belt

GG1 Automatic Buckle with Coffee Brown Leather Belt

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Capital Charm's automatic buckle and leather straps are two units, combined to make the perfect belt for the perfect fit. Each leather strap is universal in size and will fit a 28-inch waist to a 44-inch waist, making it the perfect gift. We stock a wide variety of automatic buckles and universal leather belts. These options allow you to easily customize your look by mixing and matching buckles and leather belts. 

Wearing Instructions: The automatic buckle and leather belt will arrive in a gift box, ready to wear. If not, connect the leather strap to the base of the automatic buckle by carefully clamping down the clasp on the buckle onto the straight-end of the belt. Then, wrap the leather belt around your waist and through the buckle for a perfectly secure fit. To release the automatic buckle, pull the lever below the buckle and pull out your leather belt. Feel free to give it a test before putting it on your waist so you can see the mechanism at work.

Trim to Fit Smaller Waists: The leather straps are universal in size and will fit up to a 44-inch waist, depending on your leather selection. To trim the excess leather, unhook your leather strap from the automatic buckle by pushing the belt towards the buckle or by using a small tool to lift up the clasp. Trim the straight side of the leather strap as needed and connect the leather strap back to the automatic buckle. Enjoy a perfect fit and feel. 

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